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Cirrus House, Inc. &  General Information

Cirrus House Clubhouse 308-635-1488 FAX 308-635-1271

Cirrus House Assisted Living Program 308-632-2304

Homeless Prevention Services 308-633-1146 (Leave a detailed message) Becky Strauss

SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery) Penny Copper 308-632-3583

Conference Room Reservations 308-635-1488

Intake and Assessment 308-635-2256 or 308-632-3583

Housing Program  308-635-1488 or 308-635-2490

Executive Director Brent L. Anderson 308-635-7867

Services Manager Marcia Estrada 308-635-2256

Operations Manager Kendra Dean 308-635-2490

Clubhouse Coordinator Amber Adamson 308-635-1488

Assisted Living Coordinator Desi Serda 308-632-2304 FAX 308-632-2831

Transitional Age Program (TAP) Coordinator Sam Crouch  308-220-0597

Community Support Office FAX 308-635-7880


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