End of Summer Luau!

Staff and members gathered together to brainstorm an exciting end of the summer celebration and came up with a winner.  In the end all were in agreement that a Hawaiian themed Luau set in our very own dining hall would be a big hit.  Plans were made and staff and members came up with creative ideas to make the


party have a real Hawaiian feel.  The end product transformed the dining hall into a Hawaiian Oasis resort!  There were pineapples hanging from the ceiling, a Tiki man in the corner and pastel flower papers everywhere to go with the theme. Many grass skirts were also hung from tables and the decorative island for added Hawaiian feel.  One of our very own members bought beautiful tropical centers pieces with real flowers complete with umbrellas and starfish decorations.  On top of this fresh orchids were shipped to Cirrus House and staff and members hand made the Lie’s for the Luau!  They were beautiful and gave a real experience to everyone wearing one of being in a tropical paradise. All staff and members were encouraged to wear their best Hawaiian outfits to the party to make the island escape feel more real.  Our Health and Wellness coordinator (Alexa) came up with authentic and delicious Hawaiian cuisine for party goers lunch time treat.

After all the fun had died down and people were full from great food; the next and final step of the Luau was prize giveaways!  Staff and members participated in the best Hawaiian outfit contest and many other contests.  One of the favorite contests was “The Poker Walk.”  This involved exercise as well as the chance to win a gift card to Subway!  All staff and members had to do was walk several blocks and stop at 3 check point stations.  At each station everyone was given playing cards in the end totaling 5 cards for a five card poker hand.  When everyone got back to the club house the hands were shown and the best hand wins!  Amber a supervisor for the Day Rehab program be all contestants with a true “Straight.”

All in all everyone felt the party was a success and everyone is looking forward to another themed party next year! Aloha!

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