Health and Wellness Day 2018

Staff and clients doing pound class

Staff and members broke out their best work out gear and prepared to sweat for the 2018 Health and Wellness day. It was a day filled with many different exercises and different healthier ways of eating.  Along with the exercising and food there was a raffle held at the end with many great prizes.  The more exercise events you participated in the more tickets were put in the drawing for you. I guess you could say the raffle was added motivation to get up and break a sweat!

After having healthy avocado and egg white burritos for breakfast, the exercising would begin. The first class that was offered in the health and wellness extravaganza was a “Pound” class. One of our staff (Amber) has been specially trained to teach this new and exciting class.  It involves great music and sticks that look like drum sticks.  Every participant had 2 sticks and pounded on the floor and in the air while doing cardiovascular movements. Staff and members also drove to the Assisted Living program so they too could experience the “Pound” class. It was a hit as many staff and residents expressed how fun the class was.  I think if you asked staff and members they would say “Pound” class was their favorite activity.  Other exercises included: leg kicks, squats, lunges and a meditation time.  All the exercises burnt calories but were low impact enough that everyone could participate.


After completing all the higher intensity classes, it time for one final workout. Everyone walked or rode the bus several miles to the park.  Once reaching the park everyone found a piece of shade and sat down to enjoy a healthy snack.  There was much laughing and smiling as the day was recapped among everyone.

The Health and Wellness day was a success and staff and members were all raving about doing more events like this. With an overall positive sense of wellbeing coupled with a whole health experience, members and staff were thankful for the day and looked forward to the next one.

Here’s to a successful Health and Wellness Day and many more to come!

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