Hoops 4 Heroes 2017

March 17th was a special occasion in more ways than one. Friday was the Hoops for Heroes fundraiser at the Gering Civic Center, which is an annual event hosted to raise money for local organizations. Every year, people from the community gather to eat, play games, and learn about some real things that are going on around them.

The fundraiser included games such as corn hole and basketball, as well as a gourmet hotdog bar.

Members and staff showed up for the event to show their support and take part in the festivities. Denise Manual, a longtime member of Cirrus House, says, “It was really kind of cool to stand back and take it all in. People were playing that corn hole game and there was a hot dog buffet. It was neat.”

“The basketball game I played was cool”- Chase

“It was great seeing all of the people together and for a great cause. The turnout was more than I had expected.” – Sam Couch

“Several basketball fans say, the event is a great family event that also helps out the community. One of the recipients for the proceeds says, this means a lot their organization because they can help people and expand their program.”

http://www.nbcneb.com/scottsbluff/content/news/Hoops-for-Heroes-helps-local-community-organizations-416Hoops 4 Heroes486763.html

This year, a large portion of the money raised went to our very own Cirrus House, to better equip our Ashwood apartments. Cirrus House is known for putting people up when they otherwise have nowhere else to go and no resources. So being able to fix up more housing options just furthers our reach. Without the donations from our community, we would not be where we are today. We at Cirrus House are so grateful and have high hopes and expectations for our future. As the slogan says, “Work. It’s what we do”, and we are working hard to get out there and make a difference!











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